Kindler Castle in the Air transfers my painter's attitude into the field of computing. It is a cycle of digitally made pictures based on the painting encyclopaedia “Kindler”. It mainly consists of 12 volumes in alphabetical order with more than 1000 biographies of painters.
I transfer the painters' days of birth and death, as far as known, to geometric co-ordinates, in order to re-present every painter as a specific rectangle. The brightness, height and width of every rectangle, its two-dimensional position, its virtual level of depth, as well as the extent of unsharpness are exactly determined by the data collection.
The datas do not include those painters, whose date of birth and / date of death were not exactly or not yet known.
The high complexity of the statistic leads to “unusable” diagrams. Watching them as pictures is supposed to be more essential for the recipient than reading out any informations. As a kind of hommage to all painters, Kindler castle in the air suggests to imagine a reverberation of painting.