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What I call Loops, are digitally generated drawings on the base of recursive tangens calculations. They imitate
certain manual drawing processes on paper (compare
Gravur or Geschloss). Loops in general are essential,
structural elements of computer software. Within a loop, computers have to obey a steady and recurring
sequence of orders.
The geometric drawing process, following my loop rules:
1. Draw between two edges of a square a straight line.
2. Exactly where this line ended, start a new line, turned by 90°, and draw it straight to the next edge, and so on.
3. Stop this drawing process, when the line just drawn before is not distinguishable anymore from an older line.
Under the condition of certain parameters and after several hundreds or thousands of rounds parallel lines
approach so much, that they coincide visually. Every following round then is an exact repetition of the previous
succession of lines: an invariable geometric network is establishing. The rectangular cycle of such a loop drawing
consists of just one endless line, which at every point is both beginning and ending.
PS 2021: Loops may generally occure on the base of every repeatable line form, within every imaginable format shape.

jeder wiederholbaren Linienform innerhalb jeder erdenklichen Formatform entstehen.