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German version
post-pandemic painting #3
acrylic zn/cu VS cellulose glue, marble / linen
40 x 58 cm, april 2022
post-pandemic painting #2
acrylic, cellulose glue, soot / linen
45 x 65 cm, march 2022
post-pandemic painting #4
cellulose glue, vulcano ash & indian yellow VS acrylic, hamp protein & bohemian earth / jute
60 x 55 cm, april 2022
Strong contrasts of color surfaces are applied as thick glaze layers. Their dualism, however, is thwarted linearly in a freshly wet state by a circular loop.
On the one hand, color is taken away from each surface, and on the other hand it is lost from the brush again - quite uncontrollably - in the opposite area, or brushed in there linearly. At the same time, the (mostly) common color ground is exposed on both sides, in order to establish a third picture element.
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